REalm is an interactive social sculpture, made utilizing a private server in 'MineCraft'.  'REalm' was created for the 'Monumental' Exhibition presented by RedLine Art, curated by Marisa Lerer, with the intent that gallery visitors and online participants populate the game with their own virtual monuments.

You can join REalm and start making your monument with your existing MINECRAFT user name.  To request an invitation to join the server - Please  Email - with subject line "Request to join REalm"   with your MINECRAFT user name.   I will upload your MINECRAFT user name to the server Guest List, and you will receive an invitation to join 'REalm, RedLine community server'.  This invitation will appear on your MineCraft Home page as a flashing jewel next to the 'Realms' option in the game's main menu.

My work 'REalm' utilizes a customized 'Resource Pack' - named 1.8 JodiPack.  You can download the latest version by clicking HERE,  This will require a little technical skill to install....

Once you have downloaded '1.8 JodiPack', "unzip" the folder (if necessary) and move it to your desktop.  

Select the folder and COPY it  ( CNTRL C ).

Next - Open MINECRAFT on your computer and navigate to the "Options" tab, then select "Resource packs".  It will open a new screen showing all the available resource packs.  Click on "Open Resource Packs Folder" tab, and then PASTE '1.8 JodiPack' folder (CNTRL V).

This should make '1.8 JodiPack' appear in the 'Available Resource Packs' tab.  Click on '1.8 JodiPack' to move it to the 'Selected Resource Packs' tab.  Return to the MINECRAFT to begin playing, the Resource Pack should update to '1.8 JodiPack'.